My father-in-law performed the most amazing magic trick last week. He produced from the deepest recesses of his top dresser drawer a box containing a Parker “51” fountain pen and mechanical pencil.

Never inked.

Swoon! I kid you not these were still in little plastic wrappers and the price stickers ($15 and $8, respectively) are still on the barrels. Of course I immediately released the pencil’s lead from its 60+ year prison and wrote a “quick brown fox.” ¬†Poor neglected thing.

The pen, though … that is going to take more thought. Of course I want to use it. I think lovely things should be used, expensive perfume worn, toys played with, etc. Unfortunately, I know I will take forever dithering over just the right ink.

Still, as problems go this is the happiest for a pen-crazy girl to have!

Parker 51